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How to fix SQL server error 1326 on windows 10

We Oftenly get error 1326 pop up while connecting to the SQL server. It is due to the IIS service that doesn’t have any right to use the maned pipe.

The client must validate the Windows NT server in order to access the window NT named pipe.

The Skynats usually get requests to fix the SQL server error 1326 on the window. Our technical team experts will assist you and manage any sort of server issues under the server management service plan and we will be doing regular updates by our expert engineers to prevent all vulnerabilities

Before proceeding with the steps to fix the error. Follow some basic troubleshooting steps given below.

  • Ensure whether the named pipe/TCP is enabled or not enabled.
  • Check whether a remote connection is allowed or not.
  • Try to ensure the windows firewall is off.
  • Check whether ping SQL server box is available.
  • Verify SQL services are running.
  • Check the port number used by SQL Server. 

Follow the steps to fix the error.

First, creating an exception for port 1433 in the window firewall.

  • Go to the control panel and click on the windows firewall.
  • Then select the exception tab.
  • Click on Add port try to enter the port number and the name. 
  • Ensure that SQL name is in the exceptional tab list.
  • Finally, select the Ok button.

Enabling mixed authentication for fixing an error.

  • Enable the mixed authentication if you are using the SQL server authentication.
  • Proceed with the steps given below.
  • Go to the properties, then select the security page under the server authentication section.
  • Try to restart the service to fix the error.

Restart the MSSQL service.

  • Sometimes, the error 1326 can be resolved by restarting the service.
  • Follow the steps to resolve the issue.
  • On the control panel click and open the local service window.
  • Then select the MSSQLSERVER service and restart.


Through this blog, you will get an apparent view of fixing SQL server error 1326. The SQL server error 1326 has occurred due to IIS service that doesn’t have any rights to use the named pipe. Follow the steps to resolve the error or you can take our expert team support to fix this error.

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