Skynats provide weekly proactive server security auditing, upgrades and fix all vulnerabilities reported to make sure that your servers run with most up-to-date softwares and hardware.

Our Weekly Management Services

Initial Security Check

We will do an initial security check by implementing various tools and do remove all the malicious contents on the server to make it secure.

Detailed Text Reports

Each weekly scan results will be sent to the registered email address as txt format including all the fixes to make sure your server is completely protected.

Server Health and Hardware Status

The weekly scan do check the status of all services including hardware running on the server with the uptime values which will be included in the reports.

OS Updates and Patches

We will do the latest updates for OS level and for the softwares installed on the server and apply all the latest patches free from latest vulnerabilities.

Backup Status and Retentions

The weekly report will check the backup status of your server and the date on which last backup was taken to ensure you data is backed up properly.

Mail Server Health Check

Each weekly check will do scan for any spamming scripts on the server and also check whether the mail services are working fine without any spamming.

File Audits and Malicious Scans.

We do install antivirus application on the server to check if there any malicious scripts are generated on the server due to any outdated applications or plugins.

General Fixes based on Reports

Our experienced engineers will fix all the issues and clean all the malicious files instantly based on the weekly server reports to make sure servers are secure.

24x7 Emergency Downtime Support

This is an add-on for this package which will provide Emergency downtime (only) support at 24x7 for the server by our experts.

Best Price

Your requirements are always welcome and our sales team will contact you with the best possible offer for your requirement