We are the one-stop solutions for Server setups, administration and related services. Our core team of experts is equipped with dynamic skills and proficiency to provide excellent services to our clients in following domains.

Our Premium Services We practice inclusion in everything we do.

Dedicated Server Management

A fully dedicated person or a team to manage your servers and clients. The same team will handle all your servers with white label support through live chat and helpdesk tickets.

Hourly Administration

Troubleshooting any issues on the server which can be done within hours. Most of the tasks can be completed in 1 hour,however some may take a bit longer.

Web Developement Platforms

Setting up almost all web applications platforms like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Django, Nodejs, FFMPEG, php melody, Casebox, Project Open, Odoo, Zendyal, JIRA, Git, Bitbucket.

Cloud Management

We provide support in almost all cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, OVHcloud, Alibaba Aliyun, Heroku, Vultr.

Control Panels

Building Servers with hosting control panels within 1 hour to host your websites. We support cPanel, Plesk, Directadmin, Webmin/Virtualmin, vestacp, sentora, zpanel.

Bare Metal Server Setup

Building bare server by compiling services with the specific versions. This includes Apache, MySQL, PHP, nginx, postgresql, PHP Modules, Mail Server with DKIM,SPF and DMARK.

Server Migrations

Instant Manual Migrations from server to server, Migration from all hosting control panels to other control panels (cPanel-plesk-vestacp-virtualmin-Directadmin).

Server hardening and Security

Initial hardening by tweaking all configurations like SSH, iptables, webserver to prevent all attacks to the server. Securing server by installing firewalls like CSF, Fail2ban etc.

Skynats Premium

Building servers with PCI Compliance to secure the online payments and transactions. Cosmological simulations software Gadget2 and anything newbies on Linux.

Weekly Maintenance

All servers will be checked weekly and a report will be generated to clients with all security updates and patches. Includes security updates and bug fixes based on the reports.

Optimization and Automation

Optimizing the server performance using nginx, varnish, memcache, pagespeed.
Server automation with Ansible, puppet and chef.

HA and Clustering

High Availability Server build with HA Proxy, DRBD, Corosync, Pacemaker, Database Replication, Load Balancer and High availability backup servers in Cloud.

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Supported Platforms We provide support in almost all platforms with Linux and Windows. With our prior certified techs you can build your new server with any applications or websites and cherish it to your viewers.

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