Most of the server run with default configuration. It is important to optimise the server to get performance for the resources that we buy. Skynats have a procedural for this and you will surly see the change once done.

Our Optimization Services

OS level optimization

There are limitation with kernels of specific Linux distribution to limit connections and socket which will be optimised by our team.

Webserver optimization

Webserver configurations must be optimised for better speed and security disabling vulnerable protocols and our experts can achieve this easily.

MySQL memory tuning

MySQl load is the main reason for load in most of the server. Our technicians will help in optimising the MySQL in your server.

Caching services

Proper implementation of caching software in the server is essential to optimise load in the server. We will help you to implement and configure caching.

Hardware upgrade consultation

Some of the performance lagg that you face might be of bad hardware. Our technicians will help you in detecting such error and fix it.

Server software updates

Old softwares in the servers might be reason for poor performance. Our technicians will help you in detecting such softwares and update it

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