Our server hardening techniques by implementing advanced security measurements and tools which will be greatly enhancing the security, reliability, and compatibility of your server and software and keeps your data more secured.

Our Hardening Services

Complete Security Auditing

Our certified engineers will do a complete security auditing on the server and find all the loop holes that may affect the server and data security.

Install security patches

We will check the latest updates for all softwares and packages in the server and apply the latest patches to make them more secure with latest vulnerabilities.

Firewall Hardening

Firewall is the most powerful wall against all attacks. We will configure and tweak the most advanced firewall on the server which notify you each attacks by email.

Services Hardening

Most of the services like Apache,Nginx, php and MysQL will be properly configured and hardened to increase the security level to protect the integrity of data's hosted in the server.

Secure configurations

We will enable advanced security protection by configuring the temp directories and disabling all unused services on the server to protect from exploits in such directories and services.

Limit access

Properly tweaking the connection services like SSH and FTP. Disable direct root access to SSH, FTP and hardening those services which will allow limited access to the server.

Antivirus Installation & Integration

We will install Antivirus/rootkit applications on the server and run scans to find any malicious scripts or rootkit attacks on the server. The scans can be schedules for daily or weekly according to the requirements.

Network/Bind Security

Skynats network experts will configure and harden the network section of the server by tweaking DNS and TCP ports by implementing firewall filters to prevent all attacks through TCP/BIND ports.

Control Panel tweaking

Control Panels like cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Vrtualmin, Directadmin etc will be properly tweaked and hardened well by our certified experts which will increase the security level along with hardware hardening.

Best Price

Once you purchase the hardening plan, our team will start the hardening task and provide continuous updates via chat or email