Emergence of public cloud marked a new era in hosting and infra services. Skynats has been in following public cloud from its start and has first hand experience in almost all available ones.

Our Public Cloud Support Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon web services (AWS) opens up a world of unlimited opportunity in hosting platforms with its diverse variant of products. Skynats Team is a pioneers in designing and implementing solutions in AWS.

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud service provide a whole new world of cloud service. Skynats has been following GCP since the beginning and are quite sure of the technologies and policies implemented in it.

Digital Ocean Platform

Skynats have been following Digital Ocean from its start. We have assist clients across the world to migrate their business into cloud solutions hosted by DigitalOcean.

Alliyun (Alibaba Cloud)

Alliyun cloud is one of the cloud operators from china and support chines hosting. Our team have worked in many projects in alliyun cloud.

Heroku: Cloud Application Platform

Herouku is an application based cloud hosting with emphasis on services. Our team has assisted in deploying and migrating apps to Heruko for many clients over the world.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is the cloud platform from Microsoft. Unlike other cloud provides it is implemented in hyperV and we have deep knowledge in setting up and managing azure environment.

Linode Cloud

Linode has been one of the famous cloud companies around with different approach to cloud. We have been with Linode since their start and have many clients on Linode.

OVH Cloud Platform

Cloud platform OVH is one of the most cost efficient cloud platform available. It is in early stages of implementation and we can help you in migration of your services to OVH.

24x7 Emergency downtime support

Our team with their unbeatable experience will be always available to help you around the clock if faced with any downtime of your website or server


Your requirements are always welcome and our sales team will contact you with the best possible offer for your requirement