Skynats have been following Digital Ocean from its start. We have assist clients across the world to migrate their business into cloud solutions hosted by DigitalOcean.

Our DigitalOcean Support Services

Droplet Services

Our dedicated team can help in setting up and configuring droplets in Digital Ocean including any configuration like snapshots, backups, volumes, kernels etc.

Network Services

Skynats will help in configuring private networks and virtual networks in DigitalOcean including setting up IPV6 and RDNS for droplets.

Domain services

We will help you to integrate your domains to DigitalOcean name servers and configure records with utmost precision like A, MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc.

IP & Load Balancer services

We have expertise in setting up floating IPs and load balancers in your DigitalOcean environment.

Architecture services

Skynas team will help in deploying and build environments for your applications/ website from simple architecture to High availability Architecture.

Troubleshooting services

Our team with their unbeatable experience will be always around to help you in troubleshooting any DigitalOcean or Linux related issues

Cost and Time effective

Skynats will help you in analysing where money is leaking in DIgitalOcean and provide best advice or fix for cost efficient alternatives.

Weekly patching & updates

Our special plan to keep you free from any trouble that arise of your hosting environment. This pack will provide a realtime weekly check of your server with general updates and fixes

24x7 Emergency downtime support

Our team with their unbeatable experience will be always available to help you around the clock if faced with any downtime of your website or server


Your requirements are always welcome and our sales team will contact you with the best possible offer for your requirement