It always a difficult task choosing the right cloud provider for your requirement. We at skynats will provide you with best advice considering your requirement and help in shift your cloud provider with ease.

Our Cloud Migration Services

Infrastructure Migrations

Planning to move from one cloud to another? We at Skynats will help in move your infrastructure from one cloud to another with ease and cost efficient planning.

Analysis and Planning

Is the cost of the your cloud infrastructure too high? Our engineers will help you in analysing where money is leaking and provide best advice and fix for cost efficient alternatives.

Application/platform Migrations

Cloud are used for application backend more often. It quite a headache to switch cloud host for such application. Skynats will take care of the shift and complete it without any down time and ease.

Data/Database Migrations

Many cloud provider have different strategies to store and provide services. Our team will help in shifting between different services within a cloud provider.

Account Migrations

Shifting or moving between different account within cloud hosting can be slow. We take up this responsiblity of moving the resources from one account to another within a cloud provider.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Cloud are well know for their uptime and availability. But to make sure your data is safe we at skynats implement different strategies to back up your data in case of a disaster.


Your requirements are always welcome and our sales team will contact you with the best possible offer for your requirement