Case Studies

Real Time Replication in Linux Servers



The client provided us with a requirement of having a real-time file replication between two or more servers. Then the system must be robust and self-healing and in the same period should provide adequate stability for the smooth running of the application.


The client needed a faster and robust file replication method which is self-healing. The process running over the file replication is very high input-output operations like FTP, Samba and web server. The whole process must be implemented through the remote terminal since the client had many security protocols in place.


Skynats had created a proposal as per the requirement of the client. We had gone through all the open-source file replication systems in the field and we had gone in research and development mode to test out the setup that suits the client. We concluded with GlusterFS for the replication. We implanted the whole architecture in a staging environment and load was given to the environment to check the efficiency of the system. We ran the test environment for a week, analyzed the system and made tweaks for better performance. The system was implemented in production and is running successfully for more than a year.