February 1, 2021

Install ImageMagick tool on CentOS 7

                     The ImageMagick is a free tool and it’s open-source software that consists of editing, creating, and composing images. With ImageMagick, you can easily read and write the images in different formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG, and postscript.  With ImageMagick where you can resize, mirror, rotate, and transform the images.  On our server management plans, our experts will help you to install and configure the ImageMagick tool on CentOS 7. You can check with our team at

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Released new sudo with the CVE-2021-3156 fix for cloudlinux 7 & cloudlinux 8

  The new sudo package is available for download with CVE2021-3156 for both cloudlinux 7 and the cloudlinux 8. Do you wish to manage your server management, Here are our technical team experts who are willing to serve their services 24/7. Check our server management plan for further information.  Changelog :  cloudLinux 8: sudo-1.8.29-6.eI8_3.1 cloudLinux 7: sudo-1.8.23-10.eI7_9.1 Update commands for cloudLinux 7 and the cloudLinux 8. CVE-2021-3156 sudo will allow any user to access the root privileges

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